Q: Where can I download a leaflet of G&Gleam?

A: You can download our leaflet below by clicking the icon in your desired language.





Q: What is the mechanism behind the glass nail shiner?


A: Surface of our nails have waste layers, just like our skins. These waste layers block light reflection prevent nails from shining. Our glass nail shiner gets rid of the waste layers and makes nails smooth and allow light to reflect which results in shiny and healthy looking nails.  


Q: How durable is the glass nail shiner?


A: It heavily depends on how frequent one uses the product. Normally, you will experience perfect performance for 5+ years. As long as the product avoids any external force, we are proud to tell you that it will last semi-permanently.


Q: How long does the glossy shine last?


A: This also depends on the condition of one’s nails, but generally it will last about 2 weeks after each application.


Q: Is it O.K to apply manicure over buffed nails? 


A: Our nail shiner makes uneven surface of nails very smooth and slick. Applying manicure after buffing  with our product will not only allow you to paint manicure evenly throughout your nails but also offer you more elegant and healthy looking nails.

Q: What is the material and outline size of the product?


A: The base material for the nail shiner is a special glass and  purpose..
Outline size of product is '14 mm X 110 mm X 3.0 mm ' for standard,
 there is a '14 mm X 90 mm X 3.0 mm ' for mini-type.
 (Note that the color type has an apparent thickness of 4.2mm.)
 It's little thicker than standard's, but it's very colorful.)