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What is G&Gleam?

Just 2 minutes,

You won't regret.​

We, G&Gleam nailshiner , is a South Korea-based Advanced and cutting edged company. We have utilized our core semiconductor technology and have developed a self-care glass nail shiner.

As G&Gleam  prioritize protecting the Green environment, we always strive to create ECO-friendly, yet affordable product that could bring bright future for human-beings.


Our G&Gleam is a nail-gloss product made of hard glass. It only takes a couple of minutes to make your nails shine and healthy. Unlike similar products in the market, G.Gleam barely gets worn away, allowing the customers to enjoy it semi-permanently.


As  use of nail polish and other chemicals become more popular, the reports of its side effects are also drastically increasing. The use of nail designing chemicals make your nails chipped and also reduces the natural shine.

With our G&Gleam Nail Shiner, you can file your nails smooth and get your shiny nails back. All you need is a couple of minutes, and the G.Gleam will do the magic. 


How to Use


Use the rough side of the nail shiner and gently file your nails in one direction. 


Hold the nail shiner flat against the nail tip while filing. If you angle the nail shiner, it will thin the nail tip.  


Now, begin buffing your nails with a gentle, side-to-side motion.

       Buffing removes layers of your nails, so watch out not to over-buff!


Magic Done!​


Contact Us

50, Deokpyeong St 1, Baeam-myeon , Cheoin-gu, Yongin city, Korea

T: +82-32-837-5982

Email: ggleam.info at gmail.com

instagram: ggleamnailshiner





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